why I do what I do

When I was a little girl I loved doing hair. I’d find myself getting lost on youtube, buried in videos of hair tutorials. I practiced what I learned in the videos on myself, my mom, and my two other sisters. It was in middle school when I started to realize I had a natural talent for hair. Girls from my school would ask me to do their hair for every school dance, which I would do in my parents dining room at home. This also opened the door into learning how to do makeup.

With this newfound love of beauty (and determination to be good at it), I signed up for beauty school my junior year of high school. I chose to skip my senior prom so I could do all of my friends hair and makeup. Not long after that, I graduated beauty school in the top of my class.

you are beautiful
for you are fearfully
and wonderfully made

 (Psalm 139:13-14).

I have always had a creative mind, and being in this industry has not only helped me cultivate my creativity but allowed it to flourish.

Getting your hair and makeup done or a spray tan are all external things that make a woman feel more confident on the outside. However, I truly believe that feeling confident on the outside transfers into feeling more confident on the inside. My main goal in the industry and the work I do is to empower women by making them feel more confident, more loved, and wanted. I owe so much to my amazing family who have supported me through my journey in the industry. I am truly blessed that God has given me the opportunity to meet so many incredible women from all over the country. 

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coffee, a fresh spray tan + mascara

nobody knows

I am a twin

if i were to live anywhere

I would live in North Carolina or California

go to late night snack

taco bell

my favorite hobby other than my work 

editing videos + photography

what i do in my free time

hang out with my family, friends, and my husband!!!